Welcome to Alpha

Do you have Questions about God? Faith? Christianity? 
Do you wish you had a safe place where you could ask your questions without fear of being judged? 
Are you searching for something in your life that seems elusive?
If you said yes to any of these questions, then Alpha is for you.
Join us Sundays starting April 7 @8pm via Zoom.
At each 1.5 hour session
online, over 11 weeks, there
is a time of connection. 
Feel free to bring
dinner, snacks or drinks as we connect. 
The time of connection is
followed by a talk on a 
subject central to the
Christian faith. They
explore the big issues
of life and faith and 
unpack the basics of Christian
belief, addressing
questions like “Who is
Jesus?”, and “Why and
how do I pray?” and 
“How does God guide us?”
After the talk, 
participants divide into 
pre-arranged small 
groups, in which they 
remain for the duration
of the Alpha course. The
groups provide
participants with 
opportunity to discuss
the talk in an 
environment where each
person is free to 
ask or say whatever
they wish. 
Sign Up for Alpha Via The Alpha Website
1) Click here to register 
2) Entering “Pickering” in the location
3) Choose “Pickering Community Baptist Church”
4) Enter name and email to sign-up
You’ll receive a confirmation email soon after with more details, and another email closer to the start date with the Zoom link.