2018 — A year of prayer and faith

2018 has been deemed a year of prayer and faith.  We’re not sure what will happen with our church or its property.  But we do know God is in charge.  This is the year our faith will be stretched and grown.  This will be the year that we enter into the presence of God in a new way and seek God for our futures, our families, our health and learn how to connect with God and the world.  
It’s been a journey just to get to the point.  We’ve been through several seasons of prayer and waiting already.  But our hearts are searching for God and for his plan for us.  It’s not really about a building.  It’s really about a community and where we will end up.  When I am tempted to worry about our future I merely remind myself of how much God has done in our community so far and I have peace about whatever comes next.  The lord is good and he will guide and protect – because He always has.  
May we rise up as a people and meet God in the air — a people rising up to God’s purpose.  And may we never bring God down and ask Him to  bless our little plans made up of little faith.   We rise up – to the place of faith.