2019 – Uncharted Territory

I’m looking at some of the past blogs on here and realized – I don’t blog!  Who knew?!   But here we are – in 2019.  My last blog was a year ago.  It’s like those terrible resolutions people make at the new year and then fail to keep.   But I guess 2019 is no different.
This year is definitely going to be a year of uncharted territory for our church.  Our church is alive and growing and out-growing our space.  We need more room – but with that comes a price tag.  We will be embarking on a journey together to discern what God’s will is concerning the future of our home.
But there is one thing that is for certain:  God is with us and will provide.  Of that I have 100% confidence.
Let’s venture into the map-making territory of 2019 and venture where no one in our church has gone before – more or less – every journey is unique.  I’m looking forward to 2019 and I’m looking forward to seeing God’s hand move miraculously.