Reopening Statement

In preparation of re-opening the church, we have lots of work to do between now and then to get things ready and make certain we are providing a healthy environment that meets government guidelines (which are yet being rolled out—we await, ready). Below are the safety protocols that will be in place when we re-open the church.
  • MASK – Requiring congregation to wear mask when inside church premise
  • SCREEN. Health screening questionnaire prior to entry at the same day (only yes to all questions can enter)
  • CHILDREN. No children program at this time until further notice.
  • SANITIZER. Provide hand sanitizer at every entrances and exists.
  • WASHROOM. Only 1 person in washroom at a time, and encourage limited washroom usage.
  • KITCHEN. Temporarily suspend kitchen use.
  • FOOD. No food or drink (Except for Communion and water)
  • DISTANCE. Always maintain 2 meters distance apart if congregation does not belong to same household.
  • TRAFFIC. One way flow of traffic.
  • CLEANING. Facilities to be sanitized before and after each service.
  • CAPACITY. Ensure 30% capacity (or what is required by ON government at the time)
  • CHECK. Checklist for ushers to ensure compliance to all health and safety protocols before service begins.
To ensure everyone has access to face-mask, congregations are encouraged to bring their own face-mask, and we have some available at church for people that do not have access to them.


教會正在進行一系列有關準備重開教會的工作。在等待安省政府發出指引的同時, 我們製定了以下的健康與安全措施,以保障參與崇拜的事奉人員與會眾的健康。
  • 口罩 – 確保出席的會眾帶上口罩
  • 申報 – 出席實體崇拜當天申報健康狀況 (確保健康才能入內)
  • 兒童 – 暫時停止兒童崇拜和團契
  • 消毒手液 – 在出入口提供消毒手液
  • 洗手間– 確保只有1人在洗手間內, 以及盡量減少使用
  • 廚房 – 暫停廚房使用
  • 食物– 除聖餐及清水以外請勿飲食
  • 空間 – 確保不同住的會眾有至少2米的距離分隔
  • 人流 – 確保所有通道為單方向行走
  • 清潔 – 在每場崇拜開始前和結束後消毒設施
  • 人數 – 確保出席人數少於場地容許的30% (或當時安省政府的要求)
  • 檢查 – 提供檢查清單予招待以確保符合所定的健康與安全措施
為確保所有會眾出席崇拜時均戴上口罩, 在鼓勵會眾攜帶口罩同時,教會會儲備少量口罩提供予有需要的會眾。