New Things Coming!

Pickering Community Baptist Church used to be Pickering Chinese Baptist Church.   That Chinese church was a church-plant of Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church.  It was the hope of SCBC that our church would plant and grow.  Many years later we are now seeing that growth.  Things are going remarkable well, but not without cost.  Our church, and especially its leadership, have undergone spiritual attacks for the last year or so.  It seems the more progress is made, the more the attacks intensify.  Yet, God is bigger than all of this. 
It is my hope that our mostly ethnically Chinese congregation would transform and begin to embrace the ethnic diversity that Canada has. If you aren’t member of our church and you happen to read this… know this… you are welcome to belong to our community.  It is my hope and prayer, as well as the hope and prayer of our church that our community would reach our neighbours both from wherever we are and from around church building. 
Be Blessed!